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    LC-2GS 2G remotel fullcolor karte

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    LC-2GS 2G Remotel Fullcolor Card

    1. GPRS communication, 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency bands
    2. GPS positioning (No included, can add, need more 12USD) cold start < 50S dynamic error < 5 meters
    3. serial communication rate: 115200bps.
    4. With 2 control board 75 interface, Max Control Size: 32*256 Dots
    5. Support 256 gray, refresh rate of 160HZ ~ 500HZ
    6. Support: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 scan
    7. Support multimedia format: text, JPG / PNG / BMP, GIF (Max a program size 512K )
    8. Support 4 times daily 256 brightness adjustment (including automatic switch display).
    9. Daily airtime definition program (up to 24).
    10. can start the broadcast definition and the date of termination.
    11. Support fast program Send to all card.
    12. Support show preview.
    13. Server sends a packet loss, automatic retransmission.
    14. With convenience of operating GPRS software program.
    15. Power supply voltage: 4.5V~6V Working temperature: -20 to +70 DEG
    16. Memorry in Card: 32M

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