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    DBSTAR ARM9 Temperatur-Feuchte-Helligkeitssensor

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    <p>This sensor has 1,024 levels of brightness,   the high accuracy temperature and the humidity, as well as the unique bareness   output support, is not lower than the similar product in the performance, but   has the quite great superiority in the price and the usage, it is a high price   /capability product.<br />
        <strong>functional description : </strong><br />
      1,   brightness options: 1024 level, 100 level, 16 level and 8 level.<br />
      2,   temperature precision options: accurate to units' digit, tenths' digit,   temperature range -40 C° ~120 ° C°.<br />
      3, humidity can be accurate to units’   digit.<br />
      4, support the bareness output (using the sensors sh11).<br />
      5, may be   set for fixed time transmits or call transmits.<br />
      6, fixed time transmits may   revise the fixed time (0.1 ~ 600S). <br />
      7,the call transmits may set the call   code. (Permission 6 bytes call codes mostly). <br />
      8, the front code (several key   word of the transmission data front bytes) in the transmission data format may   be custom-made. (6 bytes mostly). <br />
      9, user can set the brightness temperature   and humidity keywords. (Limited to single byte).<br />
      10, user can set the   brightness segment &amp; brightness curve. (Limited to 16 levels of brightness   &amp;8 levels brightness).<br />
      <strong>to meet the users requirements, the sensor   parameter can be set not only by the switch that on the penal but also by the   software, it is very flexibility.</strong></p>

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