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    VDWALL LVP6082 LED Video processor

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    VDWALL LVP6082 LED Video processor

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    1. Input ports: 1 x Video、2 x VGA、1 x DVI、1 x SDI、1 x DP1.2、1 x HDMI1.4
    2. 8x DVI outputs, each port’s maximal output resolution is 1920 x 1080 60Hz
    3. 4K2K ultra HD video processing, single port HDMI or DP can receive 4K2K ultra HD video signal, through internal
         sync processing of frequency doubling, it divided into 4 images to output, each image’s resolution is 
         1920 x 1080_60, pixel-to-pixel sync output to 4K2K LED screen. It can also capture a part of a signal and scale 
         it to be displayed on a LED screen of any size
    4. Two 4K2K signals can be input at the same time, supports DP1.2 and HDMI1.4 signals, and it can realize 
         PIP / PBP dual display or seamless switching
    5. Mixed video processing and switching :windowing and overlapping of Ultra HD(4K2K), HD(1080P), and 
         SD videos; Seamless switching, fade-in / fade-out
    6. Input signals can be scaled in 2 times to be fully and sync displayed on a 8K2K LED screen, through 
         internal sync processing of frequency doubling, it divided into 8 images to output, each image’s resolution 
         is 1920 x 1080_60
    7. Sync monitoring can use a 1080P display to monitor 4K2K input signal
    8. Roaming and windowed picture on 4K2K ultra HD background picture
    9. State-of-the-art motion-adaptive de-interlace processing technology; no more trailing or jagged pictures
    10. CrossPoint high-bandwidth and high data-rate transmission technology
    11. Seamless or fade-in/fade-out switching effect between any input signals
    12. Image or text overlay supported, AIAO(Any In Any Out)allows for cropping, scaling and positioning of any size 
          input to any size output
    13. Convenient operations, set 4K2K pixel-to-pixel sync display on LED screen by pressing a button, select 
          preset modes by pressing a button
    14. Convenient panel / Rs232 / USB / LAN operation

    No included the sending card.
    But it's Perfect compatibility with Linsn sending card , Novastar Sending card , Dbstar , C&light sending card.

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