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    ONBON BX-5A2&G GPRS controler

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    BX-5A2&G is perfectly clustered by BX-5A2 controller and BX-3GPRS ,which is convenient for structure installation and using maintenance.
    BX5A2&G with the media informations cluster issuing software of LedshowGG formed a extraordinary integrating solving project,
     It will promote and lead the field of LED display screen GPRS wireless techniques using getting a speed development by its best performance.
    1. International standard configuration, support global GSM network. (Four band: 850MHz 900MHz  1800MHz 1900MHz)
    2. Support Fetion configuration parameters.(multiple configuration mode:Fetion/SMS/hyperterminal/special configuration software)
    3. Fast online speed (in 15 seconds after starting up).
    4. Support universal APN of CMCC,WCDMA and special APN of mobile operators.
    5. Multiple fault-tolerant design for hardware and software , fundamentally solves the common symptoms from GPRS:
       GPRS module crash
       No SMS reply or SMS hang-up
       Data communication hang-up(GPRS is online, but data sending is failure)
       GPRS is offline for long time(GPRS reply SMS but offline all the time)
    6. Support wide range voltage (3.5V-6.5V) ,5 V voltage
    7. Anti-poor environment ,support wide work temperature: -30°C~70°C
    Technique parameters
    Product name: BX-5A2&G wireless cluster LED controller
    Recommend  index: ★★★★★
    Product status: Abundantly brought to market in March 2012
    Performance index: Controller performance are equal to BX-5A2;GPRS performance are equal to BX-5A2;
    Maximum power: ≤2W
    Receiving sensitivity : ≤-107dBm
    Voltage:5V (4.8V-6V)
    Environment temperature: -30°C~70°C
    1.  This is the latest product with the best cost performance;
    2.  Compact structure,excellent technology,easy and fast to install;
    3.  This product with its smart configuration, can be configurated as BX-4AQ&G by adapting the firmware  program;
    4.  Users must pay attention to adapt waterproof  protection when outdoor use;
    5.  GPRS products have high requirement on voltage of power , users would better set voltage as 5.2V with  single power supply.

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