LED display needs 5V Power to illumine. But How many pieces of switching power are suitable?

Usually a led display just needs 40% of maximum power to work. However, we should prepare according to its maximum power for LED display, otherwise the display will turn reddish, what’s worse stop working.

So the calculation depends on led module's maximum power.

For example,P10 outdoor smd led module(size:320*160mm),whose max power is 38W, and if MEANWell LRS-350-5 power supply(Max power supply is 300W) is selected. It seems that each LRS-350-5 can support 7 pieces of P10 modules (300/38=7.89).

In fact,LRS-350-5 has 300W with 3 road outputs, thus 100W per road (as showed below in photo), supports 2 modules.
In this way, one LRS-350-5 supports 2*3=6 P10 modules.

In a word, sufficient power can prolong their service life.


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