VDWALL LVP6094 Video Processor

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4K2K ultra HD video processing, single port HDMI or DP can receive 4K2K ultraHD video signal

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VDWALL LVP6094 Video Processor

LVP6094 is LVP609 with 8 DVI output

Input:2×Video / 1×VGA(VESA)/ 1×DVI(VESA)/ 1×HDMI 2.0((VESA/CEA-861)/ 1×SDI(SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI)
Output: 8×DVI / 1920×1080_60Hz
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1. Faroudja® Real Color® Real Color Image Processing,10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDIDe-interlacing Processing,Faroudja® TureLife™Augmented Video and Image
2. Advanced interlacing Processing Technology for mobile images,smear ghost and jag in the mobile images can be removed.
3. Fast processing for ultra 4K2K@60Hz HD images via hardware
4. Real Pole-definition video processor. Single HDMI port can receive 4k2k@60Hz pole-definition signal. After sync processed in processor , It would output 4*1920x1080_60Hz windows showed on the 4K2K_60Hz screen pixel to pixel. Or any interception, stepless zoom in and zoom out for any LED screens with any resolution. There is no need for complicated software setup.
5. It supports fully spare, and it offers a safe and steady solution for high-reliability-backup
6. Outputs:Ultra HD+HD+SD、Analog+Digital,among which:HDMI2.0(4K2K@60Hz)x 2,DP x 1,CVBS x 1, VGA x 1, DVI x 1, SDI / HD-SDI x 1,Seamless Switching, Fade-in / Fade-out between any inputs.
7. Outputs:8*DVI HD outputs. Each output port can reach 1920*1080_60Hz
8. Sync monitoring 4K2K@60Hz windows on 1080p display
9. One key to any of the preset modes,and any mode of the seamless switching, Fade-in / Fade-out can be freely called
10 It is easy and convenient to set up by the front panel or RS232/USB/LAN interface.

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