Colorlight CS20-8K Pro Media Server

Colorlight, Colorlight
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the CS20-8K Pro Media Server is its ability to support multiple layers, multiple scenarios, and seamless switching. These features can significantly meet the application needs of the video playback industry. The server can efficiently manage multimedia contents and display them on multiple screens simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for various applications, such as advertising, exhibitions, and live events.

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The Colorlight CS20-8K Pro Media Server is a robust multimedia control server with excellent scalability and high stability. It is designed with high-performance hardware that can decode and play 8K videos, and it can output 4K@60Hz video signals on four channels. The server comes with the GrandShow, a professional video playback and control software developed by Colorlight, which can simultaneously decode and play various formats of multimedia content. This software also allows for multiple screen partitioning, shape stitching, and combination display modes.

Support quick functions such as image freezing, base image display, and scene switching
Supporting 10bit HDR video decoding and playback
Supporting server 3D phase-locked signals
Support creative display of images with arbitrary rotation, ultra long screen, irregular splicing screen, and irregular segmentation screen
Support real-time monitoring of system operation status, warning of equipment failures and abnormal playback of materials
Support for preview and playback of scene content in advance and real-time monitoring of device output images
Support quick control of external MIDI consoles
Supporting external signal acquisition with NDI and acquisition cards
Supporting multi machine master-slave backup
Support timed on/off machine to achieve automatic scene patrol function
Support Pad APP control, achieve visual operations such as screen echo and scene switching at will
Supporting central control protocol control, achieving functions such as scene switching, screen playback, and volume adjustment

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