Colorlight CS4K Media Server

Colorlight, Colorlight
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The Colorlight CS4K Media Server is the perfect multimedia playback server with strong playback functions, good scalability, and high work stability. This powerful hardware adopts high-performance computing capabilities to meet the requirements of 1 4K@60Hz video signal output

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Colorlight CS4K is a multimedia playback server with strong playback functions, good scalability, and high work stability. It adopts high-performance hardware and can meet the requirements of 1 4K@60Hz The performance requirements for video signal output, combined with Carlett’s carefully developed professional video playback software GrandShow, can simultaneously decode and play multiple different format materials, achieve simple and irregular splicing display of multiple screens, video discounts, and other features. At the same time, it supports the preset of multiple scenes, seamless scene switching, and other functional features, which can greatly meet the application needs of the video playback industry.

Supports the maximum capacity of the entire machine 4096×2304@60Hz Point-to-point playback control display supports playback of various materials and content such as videos, graphics, PPTs, and text. It supports editing, previewing, switching, saving, and copying of multiple scenes. It supports quick functions such as image freezing, base image display, and scene switching. It supports discounted display of ultra long screens within a resolution of 4096×2304, supports arbitrary angle rotation, color adjustment, and other display effects. It supports preview of playback content in advance and real-time monitoring of device output images

External signal acquisition supporting NDI and acquisition card (optional)
Supports quick control of external MIDI consoles
Support HDR video decoding and playback
Support device system restore
Support for device limited time authorization (customization)
Support timed opening and closing of software to achieve automatic scene rotation and playback
Support PadAPP control, achieve visual operations such as screen echo and arbitrary scene switching, support central control protocol control, and achieve functions such as scene switching, screen playback, volume adjustment, etc

2U size, intel 6 core 12 thread;8G memory;500G SSD;Quadro4G professional graphics card;
4096×2304@60Hz;1000M network;

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Größe 48 × 40 × 10 cm



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