Colorlight X2M LED Video Controller

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Colorlight X4M LED Video Controller capable of handling up to 1920×1080 HD digital signals with various types of HD digital LED Display

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The Colorlight X2M LED Video Controller is the perfect solution for high quality LED display control and image display. This professional LED display control device has powerful video signal source and processing capabilities, capable of handling up to 1920×1080 HD digital signals with various types of HD digital interfaces supported. Furthermore, it supports arbitrary zooming and clipping of video sources, as well as USB flash drive content playback. With two gigabit network port outputs, it can support maximum 3840 pixels in width and maximum 2000 pixels in height, making this a must have tool for your small LED display requirements. The X2M also comes with a series of practical functions that provide flexible screen control and high-quality image display.

. Input resolution: max 1920×1080@60Hz.
. Signal sources: 2×HDMI1.4, 1×DVI, 1×VGA, 1×CVBS.
. U-disk interface:1×USB.
. Loading capacity: 1.3 million pixels.
. Maximum width is 3840 pixels or maximum height is 2000 pixels.
. 2 Gigabit Ethernet output ports.
. Supports Ethernet port redundancy.
. Input: 1×3.5mm.
. Output: 1×3.5mm,support HDMI and DP audio outputs.
. Supports switching, clipping and zooming.
. Supports screen offset.
. Supports screen adjustment: contrast, saturation, chroma, brightness compensation and sharpness adjustment.
. Supports convert Limit Range to Full Range input color space.
. Supports send and read back screen correction factor, advanced stitching.
. Supports HDCP1.4.
. Supports Precise Color Management.
. Supports Better Gray Level at Low Brightness, can effectively maintain the complete display of grey scale under low brightness.
. 16 scene presets.
. Play back pictures and videos from U-disk.
. OSD for U-disk playback and screen adjustment (Remote controller optional).
. USB port for control or cascading.
. RS232 protocol control.
. Infrared remote control (optional).

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