P10 LED Bildschirm im freien

DIP LED module
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Module: P10 DIP 32*32 (9 PCS)
Pixel pitch: 10mm
Pixel composition: 1R 1G 1B
Module Size (W *L)mm: 320 x 320
Module Size (W * L) Pixel: 32x 32
Cabinet Size (W*L* H)mm: 960 X 960*150
Cabinet Resolution (W *L)pixels: 96 X 96


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P10 Outdoor LED screen

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Pixel pitch
Pixel composition
1R 1G 1B
Module Size (W *L)mm
320 x 320
Module Size (W * L) Pixel
32x 32
Cabinet Size (W*L* H)mm
960 X 960*150
Cabinet Resolution (W *L)pixels
96 X 96
Display Screen
16,384 grey grades, totally 4,398 x 109M colors
Max brightness(CD/m²)
Power consumption(Max)
Power consumption(average)
Power supply
88-132VAC/ 176-264VAC selected by switch
Viewing distance (Meter)
10 – 200
Brightness adjustment
256 grades adjust
Viewing angle
Refresh Frame Frequency
>120 frames/second
Refresh Ration
Continuous work time
>24 hrs
Life time
Operating temperature
-20°C ~ +60°C
Operating humidity
10% ~ 90%RH
Waterproof standard
4 PCS of 5V fans
NEL-400-5 (2 PCS)
Control card
 RV901 or MRV300
Cabinet material
Iron (1 PCS)

Include receiver card, but no include the sending card . delivery in 7 days.
minimum order quantity : 3 PCS

You'd better buy all modules at a time for a led screen, in this way, we can make sure that all of them are of the same batch.
For different batch of LED modules have a few differences in RGB rank, color, frame, brightness etc.
So our modules can't work together with your previous or later modules.
If you have some other special requirements, please contact our online sales.

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