Colorlight 5A-75E LED receiver Card


New characteristics of 5A-75E synchronous card: 5A-75E has HUB75E interface, no additional patching board needed.

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Colorlight 5A-75E LED receiver Card features:

New characteristics of 5A-75E synchronous card:

·Integrated HUB75 interface, more convenient with less cost.
·Reduce the plug connectors, and reduce malfunction, lower failure rate.
·Superior display quality: high refresh rate, high grayscale, and high brightness with the conventional chips.
·Perfect performance under lower grayscale status.
·Better detail processing: Partial dark at row, reddish at low gray, shadow problems can be solved.
·Supports 14 bits high-precision point-by-point calibration in the Brightness and the chromaticity.
·Supports conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips.
·Supports any scan mode from static to 1/32 scan.
·Supports any pumping point and data arbitrary offset to realize various freeform display, spherical display, creative display, etc.
·Supports 32 groups of RGB signal output.
·Large loading capacity.
·Advanced design, high quality components, rigorous aging test, zero malfunction of final products.
·Wide working voltage range with DC3.3~6V.
·Supports reserve connection protection.
·Compatible with Gigabit NIC, S series Sender, Z series Sender, C series Sender, etc.

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