DBS-HVT11in voller Farbe LED senden Brett (HVT 2011)

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Number of receiving cards connected by cable: <100 :256 Pixels by single receiving cards: 256 x192 full color : 1024 x512 dual color / 512×384 full color /1280 x512 dual color


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DBS-HVT11 full color LED sending board (HVT 2011) Type Typical value Max value Supported screen type single color, dual-color,full-color, real pixel,virtual pixel. Supported LED drivers MBI5026/MBI5030/MBI5036/ MBI5039/MBI5042/MBI5050/MBI6024/ LPD6803/DM413/DMX512/ZQL9726 TCD62D722/TC62D766/MBI5050/MBI6024 Pixels by single sending card 2048×640(dual ports) Number of receiving cards connected by cable <100 256 Pixels by single receiving cards 256 x192(full color) 1024 x512(dual color) 512×384(full color) 1280 x512(dual color) RGB data groups by single receiving card 16-24 24 Lines by one group RGB 1/2/4/8/16/32 32 Grey grades 4096(4k) 65536(64k) Data CLK frequency 15.62MHz 31.25MHz Refresh rate 180Hz >3600Hz( like MBI5042 ) Brightness wastage 15~20% <5% PWM brightness adjust degree 256(may automatically adjust by brightness sensor) Electronic current plus brightness adjustment grade 64/256(according to led drivers) Dot by dot revise pixels by PWM brightness 64×64 256×256 Pixels on open circuit and short circuit error detection static:2048×16ï¼›1/2:1024×16ï¼› 1/4:2048×16ï¼›1/8:4096×16ï¼›1/16:8192×16 Fiber transmission distance Multi-mode fiber :500metersï¼› single-mode fiber:10KMs Other functions Power on gradual protection 、OE Polarity switch protect screen scan tubes, led screen self-detecting No sending card function Sending images by 1000M network card PC What is Included: 1 x DBS-HVT11 sending card 1 x DVI cable 1 x USB cable (For software CD & manual,you can ask for link to download)

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