p5 fullcolor led panels (40 PCS)

SMD LED module

Pixel pitch:5mm
Module Size:320X160 mm
Model Pixel:64X32Pixels
lattice density:40000 dots/square meter
Pixel form:1R1G1B SMD2121

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p5 fullcolor led panels (40 PCS)

Pixel pitch 5mm
Module Size 320X160 mm
Model Pixel 64X32Pixels
lattice density 40000 dots/square meter
Pixel form 1R1G1B SMD3528
Best viewing distance 3m~20 m
Max power consumption 600W/square meter
Ave power consumption 350W/square meter
Max power per module 30W
warranty 1 year
Drive mode( Optional) Constant current 1/16 scan
Control system DVI card+Full color control card
Pixel type Real pixel
refresh frequency >=400HZ
Horizontal View Angel > 110 degree
Working Environment
Temp:-20Celsius degree-+60Celsius degree
Humidity : 10%-90%
Working voltage DC 5V
Lifetime >=100000 hours
Gray scale 12 bit/ 1 color
Color display manual adjust
Brightness 1600 cd/square meter
Blind spot rate <0.00001
Waterproof Class IP43
Software Support window series system

You'd better buy all modules at a time for one led screen, in this way, we can make sure that all of them are of the same batch.
For different batch of LED modules have a few differences in RGB rank, color, frame, brightness etc.
So our modules can't work together with your previous or later modules.
If you have some other special requirements, please contact our online sales.

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4 Bewertungen für p5 fullcolor led panels (40 PCS)

  1. hector tecuapacho

    module has very good price,quality is also very good

    nicole offers me the best for my projects

  2. hector tecuapacho

    this module is a good choice .nicole recommend me this

    599 usd for 40 pcs really very good price and 50pcs can get 1 free as spare this is very awesome. i bought this items for several times install the screen by myself .performance is good you can buy it without hesitate

  3. hector

    My reorders!

    I have ordered several times of this modules.My customers like it.Buy more can get better price and spare parts.That is really good to ours.I hope you will have more other types of modules can buy in bulk with better price.Nicole is very nice.LED CARD is a good company.

  4. Luke

    You get what you pay for

    I have assembled 35 of the 40 panels so far and I can confirm that I have at least one board that doesn’t function at all and 6 of the 35 panels I have tested are missing some LEDs for a total of 8 missing LEDs on the 35 panels. The solder pads on the panels are intact so it shouldn’t be difficult to replace the missing LEDs but the quality control is definitely lacking. Fortunately these boards are cheap and are good to experiment with but may require some repairs if your intention is a professional product.

    The SMD2121 LEDs are not as impressive as their larger counterparts but they get the job done on a budget. Currently my screen exhibits a large amount of ghosting and artifacts during intense video playback but I am still fine tuning the receiver cards so I haven’t been able to determine if the issue lies with the driver ic on the panels or my screen configuration in the software.

    Overall, I don’t regret my purchase but I will be hesitant to place another order of this model board.

  5. Jhon

    good price

    I searched and compared the products on a different platform, this 40 pieces 599USD P5 indoor is exactly what I need, price is ok, goods are stable, thanks for your services. In future, I hope to have more such projects to buy more.

  6. Karno

    buy this accidentally first

    Buy this P5 indoor module accidentally at first, after tested in my market, from Mexico, my clients like this very much, every month, have orders for this module too, now buy this more frequently than before, buy in a carton is cheaper. Recommend.

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