Novastar LCB2K Multimedia Player

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TheLCB2K is an LCD multimedia player created by NovaStar.
This multimedia player applies to LCD screens in advertising media, digital signage, commercial display and other fields.

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The Novastar LCB2K Multimedia Player offers a variety of functionality options to maximize convenience and control.
With the all-round control plans, users can publish content and access screens from a computer, mobile phone, or tablet from anywhere in the world at any time. Additionally, it enables synchronized playback across multiple screens (capable of a 1x 1080p video) with its NTP time synchronization, GPS time synchronization (with an included 4G module) and RF time synchronization (also with included RF Module).
The LCB2K also supports switching between Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi STA for greater flexibility while connecting different hotspots.
Note that 4G modules are required to be bought separately before using certain features in this product.
Finally, network connection priority is set as Wired network > Wi-Fi network > 4G network so the LCB2K will automatically pick up the strongest signal available to ensure optimal performance. All in all, the Novatar LCB2K Multimedia Player is an ideal choice for those looking for powerful and convenient multimedia functions at home or on the go.

 1x HDMI connector
 1x Stereo audio connector
The audio sample rate of the internal source is fixed at 48 kHz.
 1x USB 3.0 (Type A) port
Allows for playback of content imported from a USB drive and firmware upgrade over USB.
 1x USB (Type C) port
Connects to the control computer for solution publishing and screen control.
 1x Fast Ethernet port
Connects the control computer to the device, or connects to a LAN or public network for solution publishing and screen control.
 Powerful processing capacity
− Quad-core processor @1.3 GHz
− Support for decoding of 4K videos
− 1 GB of RAM
− 16 GB of internal storage
 Flawless playback
Playback of 1x 4K video, 2x 1080p videos, 4x 720p videos

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