LED-CARD’s Overseas warehouse

Shenzhen LEDCARD Co., Ltd grow up with our clients since 2013.

In order to serve our clients better with more competitive products, we built 2 overseas warehouses in Bremen, Germany and Kentuchy,USA.
DEBR2 Warehouse
Address: C/O Senator-Blase-Straße 13, 28197, Bremen
TEL: +0049 1727287134

USKY3 Warehouse
C/O2125 Gateway Blvd, Hebron, KY 41048

USTX Warehouse
11142 Beltline Road, Houston, TX 77067;
TEL:001 832-590-3532


  1. Help our European and USA clients save importation taxes (save around 10%~25%), no need to do customs clearance;
  2. Directly lower the costs;
  3. More convenient and faster for the goods already wait for you in your country;
  4. Can help you keep the goods in overseas stock according to your need;
  5. Place an order in advance with extra 98% discount too;
  6. Over 500USD, free delivery by express; Below 500USD, only 25usd needed;
  7. Modules with Nationstar lamp and MBI5124 chip, the quality is very stable and life-span 5~10 years.High quality and stable power supplies to help you serve your clients better;
  8. All modules with enough free plastic gasket(for outdoor modules), short and long ribbon cables,power cables, screw;
  9. Very professional and well-protected packages with plastic bag,desiccant and angle bead inside and brushed film and transparent adhesive tape outside;
  10. Sell in full carton;
  11. Stable supply to ensure your need;
  12. With good after-sales service too, can provide free configuration file and remote technical support if you have any questions;
  13. In normal warranty period (modules, power supplies with 1-year warranty; control cards, video processors with 2-year warranty), we are committed to providing customers with free maintenance if there are quality problems under normal use.

In USA, we mainly have the following items in stock:

  1. P6 outdoor smd 192*192mm (26 pcs/ carton)
    Website Link: https://www.led-card.com/p6-outdoor-smd-led-module.html
  2. P5 outdoor 320*160mm smd module (20 pcs/ carton)
    Link: https://www.led-card.com/outdoor-p5-smd-fullcolor-module.html
  3. P8 outdoor smd 3216 dots 256128mm (18 pcs/ carton)
  4. p10 outdoor 320*160mm smd module(20 pcs/ carton)
    Link: https://www.led-card.com/p10-outdoor-smd-led-module.html
  5. P10 OUTdoor Front maintaince 320*320mm dip module(10 pcs/ carton)
    Link: https://www.led-card.com/p10-dip-front-install-module.html
    Meanwell power supplies:
  6. LRS-350-5(15 pcs/ carton)
    Link: https://www.led-card.com/meanwell-lrs-350-5-power-supplier.html
  7. RSP-320-5 (15 pcs/ carton)
    Link: https://www.led-card.com/meanwell-rsp-320-5-switching-supply.html

In Germany, we mainly have the following items in stock:
Including same models as USA’s:
P5 outdoor 320160mm smd module (20 pcs/ carton)
P6 outdoor smd 192192mm (26 pcs/ carton)
P5 indoor 320160mm(26 pcs/ carton) (SMD2121,600cd/m2,1920hz)
Link: https://www.led-card.com/p5-indoor-fullcolor-led-module-2121.html
P8 outdoor smd 3216 dots 256128mm (18 pcs/ carton)
P10 outdoor smd 3216 dots 320160mm (20 pcs/ carton)
P10 3216 outdoor dip single red module (38 pcs/ carton DIP546, brightness 4000cd/m2, 1920hz)
Link: https://www.led-card.com/p10-outdoor-single-red-color-led-module.html
Meanwell power supplies:
LRS-350-5 (15 pcs/ carton)
RSP-320-5 (15 pcs/ carton)
G-energy power supplies:
N300V5-A (20 pcs/ carton)
Link: https://www.led-card.com/g-energy-current-source-n300v5-a-5v-60a-300w.html

Packing Detail:

Any other interested models, please contact our sales for more information and ask for a stock.