NovaStar Launches VX400 Processor

The NovaStar VX400 is the up-and-coming replacement for the popular and successful NovaStar VX4S, offering improved performance with an exciting new design.

With the impressive capabilities of NovaStar VX400, it is a go-to choice for any application involving top quality video processing and sending – from medium to high end rentals, stage controls, or fine pitch LED screens. Equipped with the powerful software suites NovaLCT and VV Can, users can look forward to seamless operations in field control such as configuration settings backup & recovery management along with layer preset updates using just one click!

The NovaStar VX400 Processor is a revolutionary all-in -one controller that brings together video processing and control in one convenient box. This powerful device boasts 4 Ethernet ports and allows for incredible flexibility with its built-in modes – from Video Controller to Bypass working mode, it can handle up to 2.6 million pixels of ultra high resolution images! Plus, advanced features such as steple ss output scaling , low latency , pixel level brightness calibration offer an exceptional image display experience like no other.