Novastar Discontinuation of MRV210-X

Novastar Discontinuation of MRV210-X Series Receiver Card

Novastar has announced the discontinuation of its popular MRV210-X series.(include MRV210-1,MRV210-2,MRV210-3,MRV210-4 and MRV210-7) The series was known for its superior performance and reliability.

For those wishing to keep their existing MRV210-X systems running, there are still some options available. Customers can either replace their system entirely or reduce its size by removing problem Cabinets from their setup.

An alternate solution is transforming the entire LED display system from Novastar to either Linsn or DBstar. To illustrate, MRV210-X data parameters can be compared with those of its substitutes RV907 , RV927 and DBS-HRV13SMN-xxx.