New LEDCARD Marketing Center Founded

Under the developing tide of LED screen industry, we all have experienced the wave of epidemic and the ups and downs of economy,and LEDCARD is developing and making great progress during the process

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More and more receiving cards come with HUB75 interface

s we predicted many years ago,LED display screens will become more and more standardized.

Now we can see that more and more receiving cards come with HUB75 interface.

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Linsn TS802 will be discontinued soon

Indeed,TS802 is a very old product,and we have been selling it for more than 10 years.
The latest news is that Linsn TS802 will be discontinued in the next 2 months, and its replacement model is Linsn TS921.
Definitely,TS921 is completely compatible with TS802, their difference is that TS921 has an extra function,that is,TS921 can read back configuration file of receiving card.
Overall, Linsn’s products are good,especially in its quality, performance and price,but a little slow in updating.
Hope that Linsn can launch more products with strong points over other similar ones!

VDwall have a New sereis of goods–LVP615

This LVP615 is a new generation of LVP605 products.
With a more high-quality picture effect, a greater improvement of colleagues is LVP615 support for wireless control.

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Our P3.91 LED cabinets in Europe

Today,one of LEDCARD sales is very excited to share our story with an esteemed client from Europe after getting his wonderful feedback and

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Many photos of the LED Card product are updated

We updated many photos of our shop.

Wish the new photos can help our customer know more of the products, and with the new photo , customer also can see much more quality of our goods.

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