Our P3.91 LED cabinets in Europe

Today,one of LEDCARD sales is very excited to share our story with an esteemed client from Europe after getting his wonderful feedback and

picture of P3.91 indoor LED Rental cabinet ,in order for confidentiality of customer information, next our main concern is the project itself. Although the case is not big, but very typical too for your reference.

For this screen, the client chose our hot sale indoor P3.91 rental die casting cabinets, size is 500*500mm,and his project size is 8 pieces in width and 5 pieces in height with some spare cabinets and modules for future servicing. (which is strongly advisable, for led display industry common batch problem, you’d better buy all modules or cabinets at a time for one led screen, in this way, we can make sure that all of them are of the same batch.For different batch of LED modules have a few differences in RGB rank, color, frame, brightness etc.So our modules can’t work together with your previous or later modules.Usually 2%-5% is enough according to your actual need. By the way, over 50 pieces, for modules and other parts, except cabinets, we will send another 2% for free) ,uses Novastar sync control system( MCTRL300 and customized receiver cards),VDwall LVP605S.

As the picture showed, the installed screen is working perfectly and playing the world cup Denmark VS Australia, do you like the screen performance? Though the screen’s resolution is only 1024*640 pixel, but picture is still very clear, making your world cup games watching become a enjoy. If you are interested in it too, please contact us LEDCARD directly.

By the way, after our client paid at the end of May, 1 week more(including 2 weekends), we already help our client ship this order by our direct Fedex account 951281514,so client can receive the package before the date he would need all these parts to attend an important activity. He is very happy with delivery and satisfied with its performance too.

Part of Strong points for this P3.91 cabinet:
1. very beautiful exterior, 15 degree curve design cabinets which can be customized according to customer requirements on curve function too;
2. can help clients print their own logo or mark on the cabinet structure;
3. very light,only 6.2kg/pcs ,suitable and designed for rental usage;
4. 2-year quality guranteed: uses smd2121,more clear and with high refresh; adopt constant current driver chip and input buffer chip; high quality plastic frame; ≥1200CD/㎡(16 scanning) ≥700CD/㎡(32scanning )
5. signal cable and power cable are designed according to the standard of air connector.
6. Delivery time: only 7-10 days after payment recevied.
7. Package: flight case with flexible content design. Usually each case can put 4-8 pieces P3.91 cabinets.