What kind of LED lamps is good for your LED display

The main LED chip brands in the current market for LED display screens are Nationstar, Kinglight, and Forest Lighting. But, what sets them apart? Firstly, it should be noted that each brand’s chips are made from different materials (such as gold wire, copper wire, copper brackets, and iron brackets). These materials are also designed for different purposes (for example, high brightness, low brightness,

large chips, and small chips). However, as a general-purpose product, different brands have different performance characteristics. We can consider the differences in Nationstar, Kinglight, and Forest Lighting LED chips from the following three aspects:

  1. Market segmentation and marketing positioning

Due to each company’s market segmentation and positioning, Nationstar targets the high-end market, Kinglight targets the mid-to-high-end market, and Forest Lighting produces more ordinary-quality products. When we compare the quality of the three LED chips, we’re discussing commonly-circulating products, including standard products on the market. Kinglight and Forest Lighting also produce high-quality LED chips, which some factories choose to adopt.

  1. Dead lamp rate and brightness

The quality of LED chips can also be distinguished based on the rate of “dead lamps” and brightness levels. Generally, in terms of conventional products, regardless of indoor or outdoor product lines, Nationstar has the highest brightness, lowest dead lamp rate, and longest lifespan. There are also techniques in the market of using low-quality chips with high electric currents to boost brightness, but this can lead to a decline in brightness by half within a year.

  1. Uniformity of colors and display effects

LED display screens require high uniformity of color, particularly for larger displays. Higher uniformity can offer a better restoration of images and videos, resulting in a better display performance. Although poor-quality LED chips can be corrected using LED control software to achieve decent uniformity, it reduces the overall brightness and expressiveness of the entire display.

In terms of quality, Nationstar comes out on top, followed by Kinglight and then Forest Lighting. It’s important to note that Nationstar’s products are more expensive than Kinglight, which are more expensive than Forest Lighting, so ultimately, the choice of the customer may be to decide between higher quality or a better price.