What kind of LED lamps is good for your LED display

The main LED chip brands in the current market for LED display screens are Nationstar, Kinglight, and Forest Lighting. But, what sets them apart? Firstly, it should be noted that each brand’s chips are made from different materials (such as gold wire, copper wire, copper brackets, and iron brackets). These materials are also designed for different purposes (for example, high brightness, low brightness,

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What’s Symmetrical Outputs and Triple Outputs?

The pixel density of LED display screens are becoming bigger and bigger,at the same time, their refreshing demands are getting higher and higher, and the modules are getting bigger and bigger. So for some time, we need to improve the displays’ refresh by setting the Symmetrical Exension of receiving cards.

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IP Ingress Protection of LED Display

Due to the various workplaces of LED display, there are certain requirements for their Ingress Protection grade.

Generally, our indoor led display’s IP code is IP40;

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How to distinguish quality of an LED display?

1. Resolution. For LED displays, resolution is the first prioritized factor. For the same area of ​​LED display, the smaller the pitch is, the more units can be displayed to restore the video source.Means P5 is better Than P10.

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How to judge a LED card is broken?

Visually observe whether there is a lack of components, damaged, if there is a short circuit chip burn through, whether by the lightning.

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All Password for LED Card and LED Software

Linsn Password:
Common Password: 168
Upgrade Password: cfxoki
L series wi-fi Password: 12345678

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Why select led display for advertising displays?

Indeed, compared with LCD screens, LED displays are more expensive and more complicated to use, but why are more and more people choosing LED displays as the carrier for advertising?

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Why my LED screen seems not brightness?

Yesterday, our engineer help a customer , which have a LED screen very less of brightness.

After we get the photo of the screen , yes it’s really one.(As the Photo)

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Which LED Display HUB will I need?

Which LED display HUB will I need?

Usually a LED display hub card is used to connect LED module and receiver card. Then, What’s hub card?

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What’s LED Display Hub Card?

Usually a LED display hub card is used to connect LED module and receiver card.

Then, What’s hub card?

The HUB card used in LED display is a passive HUB.
It’s designed for LED receiver card’s signal distribution,and hub card can help the signal distribute in 4 ,6, 8 or 12 output.
In this way,a reciver card can be connected to many rows of LED modules.

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