If the sending card have no Green lamp flashing, how to do?

If the sending card have no Green lamp flashing, how to do?
Generally, if the green Lamp of the card not work or no flashing, it means the sending card does not have input video source.

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Why is only part of my led screen on

We often encounter this problem,only part of led display works, and the other part is completely dark, it shows nothing .What on earth are the reasons?
Please follow our technical engineers to start investigating the reasons:

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How to linsn RCG intelligent setup

Many customers need to configure Linsn receive cards, before use the LED Display.
But they do not know how to do it.
Here to share the Linsn intelligent setup manual, Hope to help you!  PDF File: linsn-rcg-intelligent-setup

How to judge sending card and receiving card is broken

First Visually observe whether there is a lack of components, damaged, if there is a short circuit chip burn through, whether by the lightning. Judging from light, red light is power lamp, green light is a signal lamp.

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How to choose suitable asynchronous card?

We LEDCARD have many kinds of asynchronous cards,usually many choices cause confusion to customers. What kind of card is the most suitable one for me?

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How to Change the PSD100-WIFI Route‘s Language

When you connect the Novarstar PSD100-WIFI card.

and login , you will found the default language is Chinese.

With this two photo , you can change it to English.

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