Why is only part of my led screen on

We often encounter this problem,only part of led display works, and the other part is completely dark, it shows nothing .What on earth are the reasons?
Please follow our technical engineers to start investigating the reasons:

1. Check whether the display has been completely energized successfully with power supplies (check the black part, whether its receiver card’s red light is on);

2. Check whether the transmission of signals is discontinuous (mainly through checking whether the receiving card’s green light is flashing or not);

3. Check whether the display area exceeds the max resolution of sending card (such as Linsn TS802 , single Ethernet port maximum support 1600 * 400, dual Ethernet ports with maximum 2048 * 640, If dual card are cascaded, maximum load 2048 * 1152);

4.Check whether the video source’s pixel is lower than that of the led display;

5. Check whether the computer’s resolution is lower than that of sending card (sending card’s default resolution is 1024 * 768);

6. Check the settings of sending card, such as TS802, whether its Dial switch is in the correct state;

7. Check whether the video processor is set lower output pixel than that of screen;

8. There may be more reasons, if you still have problems, please contact us.