How to choose suitable asynchronous card?

We LEDCARD have many kinds of asynchronous cards,usually many choices cause confusion to customers. What kind of card is the most suitable one for me?

First of all, I repeat the definition of the asynchronous card again here: Asynchronous card, in terms of its name, means that the programs being played by the control card is not synchronized with that of the video source. That is, this control card comes with a decoding function and does not require other decoders to provide it with a real-time source.

So you need to know your needs first, do you really need an asynchronous card?

In general, if your display is concolorous or dual-color, single-color and dual-color asynchronous cards are recommendable.

If your display is full-color, the programs are relatively fixed, and the resolution of the screen is not too large. It is also recommendable to select a full-color asynchronous control card.

The programs are relatively fixed: such as fixed advertisements are played in a loop, and there is no high requirements on video sources’ real-time performance.

The screen’s resolution is not large: Generally it does not exceed 200,000 pixels. Although the pixels supported by full-color asynchronous cards are getting larger and larger now, we suggest that you use synchronous system cards for such bigger screens, so that the display effect will be better.

Generally we choose asynchronous cards based on the resolution of the display.

Take XIXUN as an example:

Options for less than 80,000 pixels: M31, or A31 (supports 3G)

Options for less than 300,000 pixels: K13 (640*128 needs add D10 receiver card), K11 (640*256 needs add D10 receiver card)

Options for less than 650,000 pixels: Y10 (1280*512 needs add D10 receiver card)

Options for over 650,000 pixels: TB3 (650,000 with Novastar Receiver card) TB6 (1,300,000 with Novastar Receiver card)

There are some special requirements for asynchronous cards:

Such as secondary development (Cp5200)

3G/4G communication (A31)

WIFI Communication (PSD100-WIFI)


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