Which LED Display HUB will I need?

Which LED display HUB will I need?

Usually a LED display hub card is used to connect LED module and receiver card. Then, What’s hub card?

So Which HUB will be the correct one for my need ?

Strictly speaking, the are many many kinds of HUB card.
But at present, the Chinese market is doing the most common practice is to follow the definition of linsn, about 100 kinds.
The most commonly used is, HUB75, HUB40, HUB08, HUB12, others less common LED Display HUB, you can find in our website.

Which HUB will I need, we can see some details from the LED display
1. Get the HUB name or define from the LED display supplier.
2. From the back of the display module to see if there is a HUB card’s name or HUB definition
3. If it is an old display, you can also get the older HUB from the receiver card
4. If you really can’t be sure Which the HUB card would your needs, you can take a clear picture of the back of a module and a receiver card photo to us, and then our technician Will help you out.