More and more receiving cards come with HUB75 interface

s we predicted many years ago,LED display screens will become more and more standardized.

Now we can see that more and more receiving cards come with HUB75 interface.

For example: Novastar MRV330, Linsn RV908M32, Colorlight 5A-75B, DBS-HRV12A75, Sysolution D90-75, Huidu HD-R501.

This is a big trend!

The reason for this trend is firstly that LED displays are becoming more and more standardized, and gradually HUB75 is adopted as a standard interface.

The other reason is that using the direct HUB75 interface on the card can effectively reduce the connection between accessories at one time. The less the number of connections is, the higher the reliability is.

In addition, HUB75 help maximize the use of 24 sets of data for each receiving card via dividing into 12 interfaces, which is very useful for receiving cards’ Symmetrical Outputs and Triple Outputs settings too.

The final reason is that the price will be lower. The cost is also reduced because of the direct HUB75, and the connection becomes easier too.

For our customers, the result is that LED display modules’ installation and use are becoming more and more convenient!