Hirender S3 4UPro Plus video server

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Hirender S3 4UPro Plus is a professional media server for the exhibition and staging industry.
With ” timeline ” and ” window ” modes.


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Function Feature
1. Active-backup mode
The output of the backup server can be synchronized with that of the primary server. When the primary server is disconnected, the output screen can be automatically switched to the secondary server to ensure smooth project progress.
Supports one master, one standby, one controller, multiple display infinite cascade, strictly achieves frame synchronization (automatic synchronization of material/time code).

2. Frame synchronization
The synchronization card is used to realize the cascade frame synchronization between multiple servers and achieve the effect of point-to-point seamless stitching with super-large resolution.

3. All-signal control
Software with input, output control, command protocol, and other functional modules, through the network, serial port, DMX, MIDI, and other protocols to send and receive instructions, control projector, mechanical equipment, lamps, console, processor, and other equipment, to achieve synchronization control of sound, mechanical equipment, and visual effect.
To achieve human-machine interaction, immersive effects, real-time console editing programs, and other effects.

4. Supports HVC format
Supports HVC format video, the maximum resolution of a single video up to 16384*16384 supports lossless compressed videos.

5. Virtual screen
Virtual screens can be added for arbitrary interception of the picture, and the interception content can be edited for various zooming, rotating and deformation effects, and used as media to achieve a variety of requirements such as camera splicing, close-up, live interception, and special-shaped screen playback.

6. Slice function
We can intercept and edit the picture of the screen by slice function. The slice can be created according to the actual cabinet size of the screen so that the effect editing of the special-shaped screen becomes simple and convenient.

7. Global brightness adjustment
The screen brightness can be adjusted to improve the program effect when the scene environment brightness is low.

8. Supports external network control
Support network protocol: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Artnet network protocol, realize the remote control, or control program switch and effect by the other console.

9. Projection fusion / 3D mapping
Software with projection fusion function, to achieve multiple projection creative displays and giant screen displays.
Hirender S3 has an accurate projection mesh adjustment function, which can make the projection picture fit the projection surface and achieve an exquisite 3D Mapping effect. The software can quickly add the fusion belt, one key to add the direction of the fusion belt, polygon fusion belt, and ball screen angle fusion belt, which can achieve multiple projector fusion, overlay.

10. Light warehouse
Through the light warehouse, Hirender S3 can connect to the light control console, through which the position, size, volume, light, and shade of the program window and other 42 channel properties can be adjusted in real-time.

11. Mask template
Mask can be added, so that the picture presents special shapes, such as round, star, etc., while supporting custom mask template, can realize arbitrary hollow out, irregular display.

12. NDI acquisition
Support more flexible NDI network acquisition mode can achieve up to 10 channels of 1920×1080 network screen acquisition, extremely low latency, high-definition picture quality, and cross-Windows /macOS platform features make the screen capture more flexible.

13. Preview mode
The preview mode can preview and edit other programs at any time without affecting the main output program, without affecting the current playback content.

14. Time-code synchronization
The software can generate, receive and send MTC time-code.
Can receive LTC time-code, and send LTC time-code by playing LTC files.
Can realize the synchronization between multiple devices.

15. Special effects
Hirender S3 supports program special effects such as running lights, color wheel, Gaussian blur, flash screen, and frame. Support chroma keying function; support a variety of preset shapes, and custom shape mask templates; support adjusting the RGB, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and other properties of the material; support adjusting material clipping, rotation, and other deformation effects.
On the timeline, you can also edit various effects over time. Rich and colorful special effects add interest to the playback control project and provide a good platform for creative display.

16. Lock screen function
Prevent the misoperation of non-relevant personnel, to ensure the normal progress of the project.

Technical specifications
System connection:
Video output:4xdisplay Port 1.4 1XDVI/HDMI/DP (monitor)
Video Input:1*SDI+1*DⅥ/2*SDI/2*DⅥ( standard) or 4*HDMI(Optional)
Fixed installation:4U”rack
Size: 483mm*178mm*450mm(W*H*D)
Physical specifications
Environmental tolerance: Temperature:5-35c(40°-95°F) humidity:5%-95% Altitude: 0-8850 feet (0-2700m)

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 49 × 18 × 45 cm


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