Huidu HD-VP1640A Video Processor

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HD-VP1640A is a two-in-one video processor for LED display, which integrates
16 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs and supports four-screen display.



The Huidu HD-VP1640A Video Processor is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a two-in-one video processor that meets their needs and budget. This powerful unit includes 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports, four-screen display capabilities, and 7 channels of synchronous signal input.
It can support up to 4K video signal input (some interfaces), and allows you to switch between multiple synchronous signals with ease. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in hotels, shopping malls, conference rooms, exhibitions, studios and other places that depend on synchronous playback for success.
Additionally, this product comes with Wi-Fi enabled as standard and includes a mobile APP wireless control feature for extra convenience.
If you are looking for an easy-to-use, reliable processor that won’t break the bank then the Huidu HD-VP1640A Video Processor is the perfect solution!

.Support 1 channel of DP/1 channel of Type-C (both cannot be used at the same time), 1 channel of HDMI2.0, 2 channels of HDMI1.4 (or 1 channel of HDMI1.4 + optional 1 channel of projection), 2 channels of DVI (Or optional 1-way DVI + 1-way SDI input and loop out) signal input, multiple video signals can be switched arbitrarily.
Support 1 TRS 3.5mm standard two-channel audio input and HDMI/DP audio input.
.Standard configuration of 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports, directly cascaded to the receiving card.
.1 channel HDMI OUT, used for display screen program preview.
.1 SDI LOOP interface (optional).
.The maximum control is 10.4 million pixels, the maximum horizontal support is 16000 pixels, and the maximum vertical support is 4000 pixels.
.1 TRS 3.5mm standard two-channel audio output.
.Support 4K@60Hz synchronous signal input, point-to-point display.
.Support four-screen display, support any layout of the screen.
.Support 8 scene presets and calls.
.Standard Wi-Fi, support mobile phone APP wireless control.
.Support brightness adjustment and key lock function.
.Support mobile phone/tablet wireless projection.

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