P10 SMD RED Semi Outdoor LED module

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Dot Pitch: 10mm ,Pixel density:10000/m2,Pixel Configuration:1R EPISTAR 6*6MIL,Module Dimension:320mm(L)*160mm (H)



Dot Pitch: 10mm
Pixel density:10000/m2
Pixel Configuration:1R EPISTAR 6*6MIL
Module Dimension:320mm(L)*160mm (H)
Module Resolution:32pixel(L)* 16pixel(H)
Viewing Distance:10~100M
Viewing angle-Horizontal:80±10° degree
Viewing angle-Vertical:45±10° degree
Operating temperature:-40°C~+85°C(for storage);-40°C~+85°C (for working)
Max-power consumption:≤300 W/m2
Max power per module:15W
Drive type:1/4 constant current
Video frame rate:>=60(FPS)
Refresh rate:>=180 FPS
LED encapsulation type:3528 SMD Style LED
Red wavelength(dominant):622 nm (+2.5nm/-2.5nm)
Brightness adjusted by:Software (0-100levels adjustable)
Malfunction dot rate (the radio of out of control of all screen):< 0.0002
Brightness:≥700 cd/m2
Life-span:100000 hours
MTTF:>=4500 hours


You’d better buy all modules at a time for one led screen, in this way, we can make sure that all of them are of the same batch.
For different batch of LED modules have a few differences in RGB rank, color, frame, brightness etc.
So our modules can’t work together with your previous or later modules.
If you have some other special requirements, please contact our online sales.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 16 × 2 cm


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