About Bank Transfer’s Swift Code, IBAN and Routing Number

In order to help our clients know exactly what is Swift Code and IBAN, and what is relation and difference between them, here I share the followed info with all of you, hope it is helpful.

Usually our clients come across such a problem–when paying for us, they need some unique code to finish the money transfer, especially, most European customers ask us for IBAN.


Swift Code:SWIFT is abbreviation of “Society Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Every member of the association has its own specific SWIFT code, which is made up of bank code,country code,location code, and branch code. For example, our China Construction Bank Corporation Shenzhen Branch Shiyan Sub-branch’s swift code is PCBCCNBJSZX. This swift code likes every bank’s ID card.

So when you transfer the money,with right account number, company name and right swift code, usually, our bank can receive it successfully within 3~7 days. Sometimes, if you choose to transfer by express (a way of fast wire transfer), receipt time will be shorter.

IBAN: IBAN is also a kind of international wire transfer code, including Swift Code, Routing Number. In USA and North America areas,people usually use Routing Number, but European banks, especially Germany, usually uses IBAN, other countries and areas mainly use Swift code,such as China.


In fact, the function of SWIFT CODE equals to that of ROUTING Number and IBAN,but SWIFT CODE is more popular in the whole world.

Generally, wire transfer from European countries does not need ROUTING NO or IBAN,because China’s banks mostly use SWIFT CODE, so that is why when you ask our sales for routing number or IBAN, our first reaction is to send you swift code.

Conversely,if we need to pay to a USA bank account, you tell me your account number, company name and Routing Number, that is wonderful;If we pay to European bank account,especially to German bank, at this time, we must need IBAN.

Do you know about the relationship between swift code and IBAN?

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