Colorlight E320 Receiver Card

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The Colorlight E320 Receiver Card is a powerful tool that allows you to control system parameters, as well as display module compatibility. You can use it with normal chips, PWM chips, and Shixinchips, up to 1/128 scale of any row and column within 13312 pixels. 32 groups of RGB full color data



Colorlight E320 receiving card is a specially introduced high cost-effect product of Colorlight which is designed for customers to save cost, reduce points of fault and failure rate.E320 single card can load up to 256×1024 pixels, support up to 32 groups of parallel data or 32 groups of serial data. Based on the technical advantages of conventional receiving cards.
E320 can be integrate into HUB75 interfaces, which is more reliable andmore economical on the premise of ensuring high-quality display

• Control System Parameters: Compatible with Normal chips (128X 1024pixels), PWM chips (256X1024 pixels), and Shixinchips (162X 1024 pixels).
• Display Module Compatibility: Supports Normal chips, PWM chips, and Shixin chi up to 1/128 scale of any row and column within 13312 pixels; Route from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top.
• Data Group: 32 groups of parallel RGB full color data and 32 groups of serial RGB data can be expanded to 128 groups of serial data; Data groups can be exchanged freely.
• Data Folded: Normal chips folded 2-8 fold horizontally/2-4 fold vertically; PWM and Shixin chips folded 2-8 fold either horizontally or vertically.
• Pumping Pol: Any pumping point and any pumping row/column.
• Monitoring Function: Monitor total number of data packets and error packets to check network quality.

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