Xixun MA1 LED Media Player




Xixun MA1 with the rapid development of LED industry, in some special fields,
wireless transmission needs to be supported. Control cards need to be
connected to the network via Wi-Fi, mobile phones can be controlled
meanwhile . In this Market, XIXUN MA1 is Launched to these needs and
can be configured wireless like a router without hassle of wiring.
1.On board Wi-Fi module to realize wireless communication.
2.Support AP and Station Mode.
3.3Support secondary development and cloud platform control.
4.Under stand-alone mode, the built-in WEB server supports local
WEB production to compatible with cross-platform systems, which includes
PC, iPhone, Android mobile, tablet and so on.
5.Video Hardware Decode and support 1080P.
6.Support mainstream video, image format and text editing.
7.Double-port dot capability 1920×1080.
8.Support full colour state to 32 scan.
9.High refresh, High brightness and High gravel Level.
10.Support all kinds of chips such as Macro-block (MBI series), chi
pone (ICN series), Sumatra (SUM series), MY-semi (MY series) .
11.8 GB Industrial Flash on board.
12.Support USB camera.
13.Support muti-function card R30E or R50, (5 – way relay switching
power, can connect temperature, humidity, brightness, infrared sensor,
14.Support saving parameter in receiving card ( with the
ninth-generation receiving card).
15.Bundled Software:Easy-board.

Operating Voltage (V) 4.5~5.5
MAX Operating Current(A) 2
Max Operating Consumption(W) 10
Operating Temperature (°C) -25~+70
Storage Temperature(°C) -40℃ ~ 70℃,recommend
5℃ ~35℃
Operating Humidity (%) 10% ~ 90%,
Size (cm) 145.9(length)×129(width )
×29.7(Height )
Weight(g) 400

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