LED-CARD’s Overseas warehouse

Shenzhen LEDCARD Co., Ltd grow up with our clients since 2013.

In order to serve our clients better with more competitive products, we built 2 overseas warehouses in Bremen, Germany and Kentuchy,USA.
DEBR2 Warehouse
Address: C/O Senator-Blase-Straße 13, 28197, Bremen
TEL: +0049 1727287134

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AXS series new HUB cards

The AXS series new HUB cards include HUB75, HUB210, and HUB320
Mainly used for expansion of Mini cards, suitable for Novastar A series, such as A5, A7, A10, etc
It is also applicable to the Colorlight K series, such as K5, K8, K9, K10, etc.
The AXS series cards can also come with dual card backup, making the LED display more stable.
Supports scanning from static to up to 1/32 scanning mode.
The hole position is consistent with the regular card and compatible.
Good support for renting display screens.

What kind of LED lamps is good for your LED display

The main LED chip brands in the current market for LED display screens are Nationstar, Kinglight, and Forest Lighting. But, what sets them apart? Firstly, it should be noted that each brand’s chips are made from different materials (such as gold wire, copper wire, copper brackets, and iron brackets). These materials are also designed for different purposes (for example, high brightness, low brightness,

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NovaStar Launches VX400 Processor

The NovaStar VX400 is the up-and-coming replacement for the popular and successful NovaStar VX4S, offering improved performance with an exciting new design.

With the impressive capabilities of NovaStar VX400, it is a go-to choice for any application involving top quality video processing and sending – from medium to high end rentals, stage controls, or fine pitch LED screens. Equipped with the powerful software suites NovaLCT and VV Can, users can look forward to seamless operations in field control such as configuration settings backup & recovery management along with layer preset updates using just one click!

The NovaStar VX400 Processor is a revolutionary all-in -one controller that brings together video processing and control in one convenient box. This powerful device boasts 4 Ethernet ports and allows for incredible flexibility with its built-in modes – from Video Controller to Bypass working mode, it can handle up to 2.6 million pixels of ultra high resolution images! Plus, advanced features such as steple ss output scaling , low latency , pixel level brightness calibration offer an exceptional image display experience like no other.

Novastar Discontinuation of MRV210-X

Novastar Discontinuation of MRV210-X Series Receiver Card

Novastar has announced the discontinuation of its popular MRV210-X series.(include MRV210-1,MRV210-2,MRV210-3,MRV210-4 and MRV210-7) The series was known for its superior performance and reliability.

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New LEDCARD Marketing Center Founded

Under the developing tide of LED screen industry, we all have experienced the wave of epidemic and the ups and downs of economy,and LEDCARD is developing and making great progress during the process

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More and more receiving cards come with HUB75 interface

s we predicted many years ago,LED display screens will become more and more standardized.

Now we can see that more and more receiving cards come with HUB75 interface.

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What’s Symmetrical Outputs and Triple Outputs?

The pixel density of LED display screens are becoming bigger and bigger,at the same time, their refreshing demands are getting higher and higher, and the modules are getting bigger and bigger. So for some time, we need to improve the displays’ refresh by setting the Symmetrical Exension of receiving cards.

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IP Ingress Protection of LED Display

Due to the various workplaces of LED display, there are certain requirements for their Ingress Protection grade.

Generally, our indoor led display’s IP code is IP40;

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How to distinguish quality of an LED display?

1. Resolution. For LED displays, resolution is the first prioritized factor. For the same area of ​​LED display, the smaller the pitch is, the more units can be displayed to restore the video source.Means P5 is better Than P10.

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