How to judge a LED card is broken?

Visually observe whether there is a lack of components, damaged, if there is a short circuit chip burn through, whether by the lightning.

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All Password for LED Card and LED Software

Linsn Password:
Common Password: 168
Upgrade Password: cfxoki
L series wi-fi Password: 12345678

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Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

In order to serve our worldwide customers better, our company provides unified shipping cost of all the orders, that is, each order delivery fee is $ 25.

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Why select led display for advertising displays?

Indeed, compared with LCD screens, LED displays are more expensive and more complicated to use, but why are more and more people choosing LED displays as the carrier for advertising?

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Global Inventory System

In order to speed up orders’ delivery and reduce our clients’ cost,SHENZHEN LEDCARD Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as LEDCARD) has built super warehouses with large amount of cargo.
We are and always trying our best to make it possible to supply our customers with the world’s fastest service.

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Linsn TS802 will be discontinued soon

Indeed,TS802 is a very old product,and we have been selling it for more than 10 years.
The latest news is that Linsn TS802 will be discontinued in the next 2 months, and its replacement model is Linsn TS921.
Definitely,TS921 is completely compatible with TS802, their difference is that TS921 has an extra function,that is,TS921 can read back configuration file of receiving card.
Overall, Linsn’s products are good,especially in its quality, performance and price,but a little slow in updating.
Hope that Linsn can launch more products with strong points over other similar ones!

Why my LED screen seems not brightness?

Yesterday, our engineer help a customer , which have a LED screen very less of brightness.

After we get the photo of the screen , yes it’s really one.(As the Photo)

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Which LED Display HUB will I need?

Which LED display HUB will I need?

Usually a LED display hub card is used to connect LED module and receiver card. Then, What’s hub card?

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What’s LED Display Hub Card?

Usually a LED display hub card is used to connect LED module and receiver card.

Then, What’s hub card?

The HUB card used in LED display is a passive HUB.
It’s designed for LED receiver card’s signal distribution,and hub card can help the signal distribute in 4 ,6, 8 or 12 output.
In this way,a reciver card can be connected to many rows of LED modules.

What do I need to prepare to make a remote control

When you require remote control, we will send you a file to you, “Online techniacal prepare”, so that you can prepare in advance.

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